Our Story

In 2009 photographer A.J. Neste was asked the question “Where does your food come from?” In which the only answer he had was “I don’t know”. His answer pushed him into becoming a vegetarian that was focused on learning more about how even his vegetables came to his table. After months of eating a vegetable based diet, A.J. began craving meat. The only option he found to know exactly where his meat came from was to get his hunting license and search for an animal himself.

On this constant pursuit of clean meat, A.J. realized that the food he was searching for wasn’t the only thing he was finding. He began to find a rhythm in nature that has been a missing part of his life. No longer was it about killing and eating, but it was about living and enjoying. The experience of unpredictability and adapting to circumstance was something he had to invite his closest friends to join.  Now we are all on a journey together diving deeper, hiking longer and sharing experiences with the hopes of finding others that want to stay connected to nature.




Jacksonville, FL



So if we have all the meat we need, why hunt?

Huntatarian is a lifestyle focused on knowing where your food comes from. The act of hunting is as old as the human race. But in recent years the need to hunt has diminished due to the overwhelming amount of options we have to receive what we need to survive.  So if we have all the meat we need, why hunt? Because some believe that nutrition means more than just being fed. Some care about how our food treated before it ends up on our loved ones dinner plates. Some of us feel a connection to the outdoors. Some of us are Huntatarians.