Canada Goose Ciabatta Sandwich


Most hunters we asked told us that they usually just take their goose breasts and do the same old cheese stuffed "poppers" that we see over and over again in the waterfowl community. If cooked correctly, Canada Goose is a delicious meat that when seasoned, seared and sliced is an excellent substitute for beef. That's right beef. You can take any steak recipe you enjoy, and replace the beef with medium to medium rare goose and unless you tell someone, they will never know the difference. No soaking in milk is needed, just follow these steps and everyone will be wanting more.

  • Set your Traeger on High and allow 30-40 minutes of warm up time before use
  •  Most important step is to trim your Goose breast. Take any membrane off, anything that isn't meat on both sides needs to be taken out. In the middle of each breast is a vein that needs to be pulled out. The vein is right on a seam that separates the one breast into two pieces. At that seam there is also some sinew that we take off. Your goal should be that all you see is meat, nothing else at all.
  • While trimming, place your seasoned iron skillet on a burner on a medium high heat
  • rub your trimmed goose breast down with extra virgin olive oil
  • season with Traeger's "Fin & Feather" seasoning -Sear both sides of the goose breast for 2 min each side
  • After flipping to second side of Breast transport skillet to your Traeger
  • Let finish cooking on Traeger for 8 minutes on high
  • While Breasts are in smoker, sauté one red pepper and one yellow pepper till soft
  • In a pulse grinder Throw a bunch of parsley, one clove of garlic, 1/4 cup of olive oil, pinch of salt, pepper & grind to make a chimichurri sauce
  • Pull meat from smoker and slice
  • Toast Ciabatta bread -Lather Bread with Chimichurri Sauce
  • Layer Goose Slices
  • Top with organic sliced pepper jack cheese, sauteed pepper slices, chimichuri sauce
  • Place back in smoker to melt cheese
  • Serve & enjoy

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